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He's Really That Into You, He's Just Not Ready - The Ultimate Guide to Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men Or Guys Who Want to Take It Slow


Discover Why The Man You Love Isn’t Fully Committing Or Shy Away From Labeling Your Relationship Even Though He Said He's Into You Or Loved You... And The One Secret That Reaches Even The Most Distant Man's Heart!


You Will Learn The Emotional Hot Buttons To A Man’s Heart That Even Himself Might Not Be Aware Of


Ladies, are you tired being strung along in a label-less relationship because he’s not ready or is not sure if he ever wants to be in relationship?  You can’t get out either because you are hormonally and emotionally hooked on him?  Are you left so confused and vulnerable by him blowing hot and cold and giving you all sorts of conflicting messages?


If so, you are not alone!  Millions of women face the same predicament every day and they are wasting precious time and energy pining for a guy who may never commit to them.  It is painful and humiliating.


Every day I deal with women with the same issues, over and over again.  They email me privately or ask questions on my Facebook Wall and heated discussions on the subject will start to ensue.  Personally, I’m dealing with the same situations myself from time to time.


In fact I was a man chaser many years ago.  I was young and naive.  I thought I could control a man’s interest by showing him how assertive I was by relentlessly chasing him!  I could never attract a masculine man with my aggressiveness, no matter how much initial attraction he had for me in the beginning.  I always managed to turn him off.


I even managed to really humiliate myself one day when I was stranded in a foreign country for a week because I was so impatient and wanting to be in control of the courting (instead letting the guy do that) I practically invited myself to go there to visit him.


He made a convenient excuse as soon as I arrived that he couldn't see me right away because he was engaged in "a very important and emergency matter" somewhere "up north."  I was in limbo for the whole week waiting around and kept checking my emails expecting a word from him.  We did meet and two hours later he disappeared again into thin air.


Sounds eerily familiar to you now, doesn’t it?


Truth is men don't like to be controlled or chased.  It's a total TURN OFF, no matter how gorgeous and sexy you are.  They will like it for about five minutes before slowly but surely pulling away.  If you have been in that situation more times than you care to remember, you have to keep reading because your life will never be the same again after you listen to what I'm going to tell you!


Then one day -through much soul-searching, trial and tribulation- I just figured out what really works in triggering intense attraction in men.  One day I deciphered the one key I need that unlocks the secret to a man's HEART.  This is WHY I could never be with a guy I was truly attracted to: the masculine-energy type.


So finally you find the One book that will be your Bible in ALL dating situations.


Every day I deal with women with the same issues, over and over again.  They email me privately or ask questions on my Facebook Wall and heated discussions on the subject will start to ensue.  Personally, I'm dealing with the same situations myself from time to time.  


Then one day I just figured out what really works in triggering intense attraction in men.  One day I deciphered the one key I need that unlocks the secret to a man's HEART.  This book is a culmination of all my reflection, work and personal journey with men that have been brewing for years and years, especially after my extremely excruciating split from my husband. 


It's time to share all I know with all of you, lovely ladies!


The title might indicate emotionally unavailable men (EUM) as the main target, but the principles in this book WORK WITH ANY MAN.   If you can deal with EUM, you can deal with ANY man.


In fact, my boyfriend whom I met right after I published this book (it's surprising how the universe works, right?) is so emotionally available and we have been having the most functional and most fulfilling relationship of our lives.  He's EVERYTHING I want in a man and vice versa.  It takes one to know one.  That's what the full understanding of key principles to attraction as propagated in this program will prepare and bring you as well.


And I call this a PROGRAM because your journey won't end when you read the last page of the book.  I'll be by your side and personally guide you through emails as well as my exciting private group.  You won't find the same ongoing after-sale service with any other program out there.


I am COMMITTED to your personal growth.  And only when you have truly GROWN as a person, you can truly be happy in a relationship and you will attract the SAME QUALITY of men as well because you will be STRONG, SMART and CONFIDENT enough to walk away from any man and a relationship that doesn't serve you.  No more pining.  No more prolonged suffering and heartbreak.  Instead he'll be the one who YEARNS to be with you because you are a HIGH-VALUE WOMAN that any man seeks for commitment.


I hadn't even officially launched it when a few women who were my loyal fans were already signing up to read my book.  And they all reported something positive just instantly with their men.  


Their men began to chase them again.


Here are what they say about the book:


Update 6/15/2013 as shared in my private group: "I got my man back. He has all of the sudden gotten very serious. Moving back in, wanting to get married and buy a house together etc. I am letting him move back in but holding off on the rest for now. Leaning back works, and moving on works. But now that he's back, and living with me, how do I keep it fresh? And make sure it will work before I commit to the rest? This is our second go round living together. Don't want to make the same mistakes, and I know so much more after reading Kat's material. But I want to keep our relationship fresh and exciting. We both work 12 hour days, and I have 3 kids at home, so it's so easy to quickly get in a rut.

We never really went without contact, a week or 2 at the most. The longest we went without seeing each other was a month or so I think but we were always in touch with each other just not daily or on regular intervals like before. We got back together about 10 months ago, only after I started dating someone else and refused to see him at all for a while, but we still talked. It was very up and down and we broke it off again at the end of January right when I bought Kat's book.

I began reading her material, and putting it into practice when possible (and trust me I was doing EVERYTHING wrong!!!). We never really stopped talking or seeing each other at least now and then after the 2nd break up.  And I went on dates with other men, joined a gym, changed jobs and started working more hours and really just focused on myself and my kids. Totally practiced leaning back and mirroring. I told him that I was dating others one night during a conversation and he seemed cool with it. But he has latched onto me since. I have had my reservations about his motives of course. But just thoroughly enjoying the attention from him. We went to a work function of his last night and several of his co-workers told me he told them he was a changed man and was going to marry me.

It is very hard to put into practice things that you learn, it's just natural to go back to instinctual behaviors when upset, but I was horrible to this man, I turned him into a frog! I really did.  And these tendencies still surface, I am very insecure, I can see it in all areas of my life actually. I'm afraid the old me will surface and push him away again. But I have come a long way.  I will keep reading and learning and working on building my own confidence. Kat's material is amazing, and spot on.  It is almost an instant change in their behaviors when you put it into full practice. I won't stop learning and growing with or without this man!!" ~Kristie Graham, Lousiana.


"I'm so blown away by the amount of knowledge and insight Katarina has on the nature of men's genetic make-up!  And I'm also blown away by the fact how much I didn't know about what's healthy for myself in dating and relationship and how much I'm feeling so empowered after reading this book.  She's so extremely smart.  Thank you, Katarina, for making us women see how much power we have in our relationship with men!!  A must-read, ladies!" ~Janet, Minnesota


“Since reading the book and having coaching with Katarina my life has changed.   Not only my life but my perspective on men myself and the expectations we have on ourselves and men!  I’ve finally changed my outlook on men and beginning to learn a great deal about them!!  This book and coaching has changed my life and is giving me the empowerment to value myself I highly recommended!

Every woman needs this book regardless if you are with the most commited man in the world! Us women crave to understand men. This book is the key to really understanding them. I’m grateful for this journey. I’m too going to pay it forward and help others!

Most woman dealing with this are successful educated and sexy women whom just have insecurities due to their past hurt. Even therapy hasn’t helped as much as coaching and reading this book! Us women need to embrace our femine side as well as really understanding men and the role they play!” ~Manda Panda Laing, Australia” 


STILL ON THE PRESS – SNEAK PREVIEW OF KATARINA PHANG’S NEW BOOK: I have been acquainted with Katarina Phang on the internet for 2.5 years, and she has helped me tremendously with my way-too-long drama, I mean, relationship with an Emotionally Unavailable Man (EUM). In order to thank her for all her time and expertise, as an editor and technical writer, I offered to edit her new book, HE’S REALLY THAT INTO YOU, HE’S JUST NOT READY.

As I am working, I feel almost giddy with excitement, like viewing the world from above for the first time! I feel like I am beholding a secret treasure map to mystical, unseen riches that has been buried for all of time! Wow, Katarina holds some really deep concepts here! This book is golden!

Katarina’s view on emotionally unavailable men and relationships is profound and beautifully laid out in her manifesto that unriddles the millennial mystery of romance! ~ Brenda Caley, Editor and Technical

“I actually think that relationships are supposed to be calm like that.  I have it so used to running on adrenal and nervous system creating peaks and troughs.  This type of gentle calm anxiety free relaxing is new to me but I love the new needy free me emerging – still working on me but so glad, Kat, to have you in my life walking the road as my guide and reference point.  Now I havent asked when will we meet next or made any moves or hints to that – am totally letting him lead - am still in shock that he said “I love you very much”- love xxx”  ~Mary, Australia


“Leaning back has been the best advice ever!!!!  Since reuniting with my guy a few weeks ago, I have leaned back.  I don’t unnecessarily call him and  have not invited him along to anything yet.  I have had a fun social calendar and tell him but don’t invite him. He has been calling me more inviting me out and doing things for me. He had to practically invite himself to the Christmas bar crawl I am going on tonight. I don’t think he liked it too much, it is with my personal trainer.  He said if he doesn’t show up call him for a ride home. Haha. This is working great. I did have to guide him once into asking over for him to cook dinner but it came out like it was all his idea :-) .  He just alluded to me being his girlfriend too. Wow. Didn’t expect that so soon.”  ~Paula, California 


“Katarina’s brilliant advice for those of us women relating with an EUM is priceless….Katarina advocates that we start taking care of our own emotional needs through self-responsibility which means to get on with our life impregnating a sense of value, self-worth and importance into our daily activities and meditations. We are encouraged to lean back and wrap our arms around our own Hearts and cradle ourselves in self-love whilst chilling out the anxiety driven part of our nervous systems around the need for a man’s love and take the opportunity to breathe freedom, joy, strength, tranquility, clarity and calm into this deeply wounded part of ourselves. The results for me have been beyond belief – the change in my EUM’s attention direction as I have followed Katarina’s advice is that now the Cupids arrow is pointing right back at me!!! Now I get to decide will I catch it or let it fly past me? I feel so liberated and free in my loving and so much more centred, calm and relaxed in my being. Thank you Kat – beautiful !!! ”  ~Meredith, Australia.


“Hi Katarina. I have re-read your e-book countless times. I wanted to thank you…you’re a god-send. Reading all your posts and other people’s posts as well really helps a lot too. Leaning back totally works and so is staying in my feminine essence. I have no expectations and I receive great surprises from that. I still slip here and there but I remind myself to think in abundance and that everything is okay and I am far from perfect.”  ~Jessica, San Francisco


“I just read your book and I love it! I’ve learned so much from you, thank you, I know it took forever to read your book since I didn’t have a computer at that time, I got one last month, and I am happy I did :) ”  ~Fabiana, Pensylvania



Discover A Life-Changing Breakthrough That Makes Even The Most Distant, Withdrawn And Emotionally Cold Men Finally Commit To You... Without Manipulation, Playing Games Or Having to Force Anything On Him.


This book will change a lot of lives and I have no doubt about it.  The principles in this book have changed mine too, so I'm sharing what I have learnt to you all, lovely ladies, who care to really understand:


  • What makes a man tick.  
  • What triggers attraction in human beings, especially men.
  • What makes a man fall in love with a woman.
  • What makes a man attach so deep emotionally to a woman.
  • What makes a man keep pursuing a woman.
  • What makes a man all MUSHY and can't let you go.
  • What makes a man want to do all the right things to please the woman he loves.
  • Why are men prone to emotional unavailability and what to do about it.
  • How your expectations of what men in love should do can work against you.
  • Is he really emotionally unavailable or is he just cautious?
  • What to do when he pulls away or becomes aloof again?
  • What to do when he's not over his ex.
  • What to do when his words are not in sync with his actions.
  • The right mindset to date/deal with an emotionally unavailable man that will attract him closer to you.
  • Why does a man say one thing but do the exact opposite.
  • What governs a man UNCONSCIOUSLY and when you understand this you get hold of his love and devotion EFFORTLESSLY.
  • What is Feminine Power and how you can have that magic wand.
  • And MUCH...MUCH more.


This book also will deconstruct your paradigm, the broken old one that hasn't served you, and replace it with an empowering new one from which the Feminine Magnetism™ will naturally emanate.  You will become a man magnet by the virtue of that new paradigm.


It is so radical yet so reasonable, it's like being awakened from a long sleep.  





How much is your investment for a new life?  It's incredibly affordable.  It's only $47.  How much does it cost for a counseling session with a marital therapist/relationship coach?  It starts from 75-150/hr!!  Right, with only $47 you get so much training, reconditioning and ongoing personal support from myself till you ARRIVE!!  Many women have gained so much through this program that is included with the purchase:


  • Two weeks unlimited email coaching in which I will guide you step by step on what to do with your current situations so you'll come out of the coaching a new and empowered woman. (WORTH $25)
  • A lifetime membership to my Facebook private group so you can discuss all your issues safely and privately and let other wonderful ladies help you to become a secure high-value woman that captivates a man's heart and devotion.  Here's where I share my most private relationship issues.  You will also learn from many men or male coaches in the group who can give you their male perspectives. (WORTH $30)  YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP TO THE PRIVATE GROUP ONLY HERE!!
  • Twenty minutes of skype session (WORTH $35)
  • A new brain. That's a joke :), but I'm also serious. Your life will never be the same again after learning the principles in this book (WORTH: PRICELESS).
  • COMING SOON: Bi-Weekly LIVE Webinar on most pressing relationship issues possibly with different dating coaches and/or expert guests. (WORTH $47/webinar)





It's An Incredibly Small Investment To A More Fulfilling Love Life And Relationship In Which You Feel Loved And Cherished Because He's So In Love With You And Can Never Let You Go





THis is an EBOOK, which means it's downloaded to your computer after your payment is processed (You will receive an email containing of your login information).  Please email me at if you have a problem downloading and I will respond to you immediately by sending it personally myself to your email.  And I can assure you that you will yearn to read the rest of the book after that first chapter.  


It's time to do something about your in-limbo situation.  It's time to read the one book that cuts through the issue ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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Hi Katarina


Can't wait to read your new book, as it may just help my STRESS levels of late, hahaha.  One question though. Is it in PDF format as I have real problems in adobe?



Hi Joanne, it's in PDF.  Can you somehow tweak it so you can download PDF?  This book will help you so much!

Are you on FB?  Please add me if you haven't already done so.  I have a private group I want to add you to.

I got emails everyday from women who love my facebook page and/or my book and practice what I teach.  Here's one of them from a reader who also gets my 2-week coaching.

"I was seeing this guy for 4 months who I really liked. He told me at the start he did not want to be in a relationship so I ended it as I do want a relationship and not something casual. I am 40 and he is 28. He kept

pursuing me and so we ended up hanging out together again. Still though I did not feel he was committed. He was not sleeping with anyone else but I was not a priority in his life. So I ended it again! He came back again! I just kept assuming that if he came back he did actually want to be in a relationship. Anyway I called it off last week....again! and now he has not come back! He is done I am sure. I have this same pattern with a lot of men and I think I am addicted to the make up, break up and I want to "test" their commitment all the time so that's why I leave them. But I get confused with these younger men as I don't want to hang around if they really will never commit and I am wasting my time. Help!"

Men don't all of a sudden become ready for relationship without feeling what it's like to him first. To expect that is going to put you in that situation more often than not. You should have given him the chance and so long he pursues and leads you just need to enjoy the ride and work on your attraction.

He barely knew you, no surprise he felt pressured. You should ask yourself what's lacking in you so you want a man to commit right away. You need to be happy on your own before you can be happy in relationship.

"So any tips on how I may be able to get him back now? He has stopped calling and I ran into him at the gym last night and I just get the sense he has moved on. I want him back though!"

Wait another week or so and we see what happens...

"Thank you so much. I have read a lot of books as I have had issues with understanding men by whole life but your advice just seems to connect with me and its real and practical. I beat you hear that a lot though!"

You're welcome. Next time he comes around, practice the principles in my book. If he's into you and he definitely is, it's worth exploring. You'll thank yourself one day for allowing yourself to learn and grow.

"I will do! Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help."

"I liked your post today about not putting too much pressure on the relationship. However I feel That perhaps one of the reasons i am wanting them to committ early on is that i am 40 and I don't have time to waste in relationships that may not be long term as I want to have a baby when I find the right person. I am running out of time! If this whole baby thing was not present I feel I would relax more and just let relationships take their natural course. What do you think?"

I'm like you but that's not a good reason to pressuring a guy. It won't help in the long run. Unfortunately, you gotta deal with this issue yourself. It's not a man's fault/responsibility we are childless.

"But I think I should be dating men who have greater potential to being in a relationship and being a father rather then boys in their 20's and 30's who are super fun but not wanting to settle down. I love the fun ones though!"

Either way you can't hurry love.


"So you were right! I left it a week and he just called and asked if he could come over and say hi. He was here for a couple of hours and we had so much fun! He asked if I had missed having him in his life and I just kinda avoided the question and went on dancing! (We love to dance around my lounge room with the music loud!). He left to go to his work xmas party and called me 30 mins after he left to ask me to go with his date! I said I couldn't as I had plans (I don't!) And then he asked him he could meet up later! Is this what you mean by leaning back? I think I get it now and I am going to approach it so differently this time and not focus on him so much and see other guys and be busy in my life. Do you have any other tips I should try in these early stages of winning him back?"

YES! Brava. Be happy on your own and he'll notice that and want to have you in his life.

"I am going to write that a piece of paper and stick it on my fridge! Thanks again."

The title of this book caught my eye as I can relate.  I started seeing "K" several months ago.  We had both recently (by a few months) come out of bad relationships.   He had told me periodically that he wasn't sure he wanted to be in a relationship.  We continued to see each other and the feelings grew.  Right after Christmas he told met that I was "wife material" and that he was crazy about me.  Two days after he said this, he told me that he didn't want to be in a relationship and wanted us to just be friends.  He said he was really stressed out and he wasn't in a good headspace.  He needed to figure out what he wanted and that it had nothing to do with me.  He said that he really likes me, cares about me very much and didn't want to lose me.  He said that I'm the most complete woman he has ever known and totally different.  This was a few weeks ago.  Since then, I leaned back and have given him space.  He calls me just to talk.  I did cave and tell him that I missed him a few days ago. He said he missed me too.  I don't know if he genuinely misses me or if it was just reflexive.  This man is a workaholic.  His work definitely takes priority during this time of year as he is in the sports industry.   Any advice would be appreciated.  I miss him so much.  I do have my own life and am very busy but still miss him.

Lori, welcome and thanks for posting.  Did you  read my book yet?  If not, I really suggest it.  I will soon add new chapters and expand on the points that may be confusing to a lot of women.

When you think of him more than you spend time with him, it's a sign that your relationship isn't balanced.  That means it's time to find another cute guy or two to think of AND spend time with.

You can't wait around for emotionally unavailable men.  High value women don't do that.  Get busy with life and dating around, he'll come around and steps up his game if he has it in him and timing is right.  If not, then at least you have your other eggs in other baskets.  

The perception of options will define your feelings for him.  You pine for him because there is no other guy grabbing your attention right now.  That HAS TO change.

HI Katarina,

I haven't read your book yet but I'm planning on it.

I'm not waiting around for him.  I do think of him and miss him.  It's been 3 weeks since I last saw him.  I have my profile up on two dating sites and am actively accepting invitations out.  (I've been out twice in the last few days).  

I do consider myself high value and have a lot to offer.  :)  I work a lot, am busy with my kids and social circle, do a lot of outdoor activities and generally enjoy life.  Believe me, I want him to come around but I won't be putting my life on hold for him.  But, if there is a way to bring him around, I'd like to do it.

From what I know of him, he isn't usually emotionally unavailable.  He is buried in work and had been through a bad breakup before me.  I will be allowing other men to snag my attention.  I just haven't met one so far that has been able to do so. :)  I'm working on it.   

I understand it's not easy to find mutual chemistry.  But once you do, there will be no ounce of neediness in you.  Your problem will be that now you have too many options and you are being torn apart. :)

A reader just wrote: "Love the book!!! Am reading it for the 2nd time & as I've followed you for a while am pleased to say that I have already put majority of your advice into action & that letting go really does free you.

I have also opened myself up to other options available to me & have one man who is quite keen but I must say it does'nt sit very well with me as I'm a loyal person & love the main man in my life unconditionally.

Could I ask you a question?

The man in my life is a single dad & our time together is at a premium as you are aware but we do have a chemistry & everything has to go in baby steps (as in your book). He is happy me staying over now (when he does not have his daughter) & we quite happily potter the following morning (although I don't outstay my welcome), he is quite open for a man & has been the one who talks about going forward. 
Sometimes when we are mucking about txting, He will say something & I will say something like 'I'm so lucky having such a handsome devil in my life'....... & EVERYTIME he will ask something like 'am I, really?'

This morning I think I have just avoided, what could have ended in an argument. We were joking about something intimate & I just made a quipp & he came back with 'Used to? sounds like you don't want it to anymore?' so I txt 'Now you know that's not true!!!! I know it's your favourite part of you but it's only ONE of my favourite parts', to which he wanted to know my other favourite parts............. Crisis averted!!!!!!!!!!

Jokingly I asked 'what do you like about me'? & I got back, you are very gentle, very loving & very kind, loyal lady too.

Why do I feel so deflated? What he said is lovely, but I feel selfish for wanting him to say, I'm beautiful etc......"

My response: Thanks and congrats on getting more skilled in magnetizing men! :)

Of course it's normal to want him to praise you for your beauty but then again don't expect it. Focus instead on the positives of what he says and be grateful for them. Do it for every great thing he does. The more you you do it, the more he wants to do it.

A client thought it was it between her on-and-off again bf when they fought the last time on Dec 29. She gave up and was ready to move on but she wrote me yesterday:

"Yes, we were together on New Year's eve and have been seeing each other ever since. I'm really not sure what happened but he's better with me now and I feel that our relationship just keeps getting better and better. After that one week break from him I've applied what you've been preaching. What you're preaching works and I don't feel shakey in the least. Not like when I first contacted you. Leaning back, staying in that feminine essence, keeping busy when he's distant, mirroring, and no expectations are the key essentials to staying sane when in a relationship. I know that now..."

how do i download this book?

You gotta buy it first.  Click the paypal button on the original post.


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"Katarina, as a "red blooded" kind of guy, I would credit you with more insight into us guys than ANY woman I have ever encountered in my entire life. You are spot on. I would go so far as to say that you have a gift in terms of your capacity to understand us guys. We live in a world where - it seems to me - so many women don't want to understand men, they just want us men to think like women. Presumably this would be convenient because it would make us guys easier to understand, deal with, and control. So we spend a lot of time getting our asses shot to pieces for no other crime than being men and thinking like men. I have to congratulate you for your unparalleled and phenomenal ability to realise that we males are what we are. We are not evil for our failure to function like women. We retire to our man caves occasionally. It's the way it is." -Christopher Akenfelds, Australia

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